About us

Fram Seafood is a family-run company valuing loyalty, quality and building on generations of experience trading seafood from Northern Norway.

“Fram” was the ship of Theodor Sivertsen and Edvald Stavnes. The boat was used to ship firewood to Lofoten and traded the wood in fish that they brought back to Nordfold, Steigen. The place where fish was processed in Nordfold, you can find the coordinates to in the Fram Seafood logo. Mostly they processed dried and salted cod, but also shrimp. The fish was later shipped to Bergen for export, sales or to be traded in other groceries.

Fisheries and aquaculture has been a tradition in the family for generations. Today, we are proud to continue the tradition of connecting quality conscious buyers with the superior seafood they deserve, responsibly harvested in Northern Norway.